howdy nice to meet you, im the designer behind wayward western co.


Hi. Im Kaitie and I am the creative mind behind the @waywardlifee instagram account, and more recently this business. I am a graphic designer, Arizona native, and wife to a damn good team roper.


I started my Wayward online presence simply as a way I could document the life of my husband and I as we collect horses and work toward our goals of him someday making team roping his full time job. I also wanted a creative outlet where I could share the things I liked making, relating to western lifestyle, with others interested in the way of life. Through just going for it and sharing our story I have been able to grow a small my instagram into a community that I share my life with! I have made many many friends, and worked with people I never thought I would. 

I am so blessed to have such incredible people interested in my work & life and I hope to continue sharing it with all of you for as long as you'll allow me to!

Meet our herd.



Dannys Star Bert

Cisco is a 24 year old AQHA sorrel horse. Im usually a super advocate of keeping a version of your horses papered name, but Cisco was named by Ethans family when he was growing up.  Cisco means the world to us and has been in Ethans family since Ethan was 12 years old. Not only is Cisco still sound as the day he was born, he's the most honest horse youll ever meet. He will do absolutely anything you ask of him and he has an amazing work ethic. Im so greatful to get to learn to rope on Cisco and just have him around and have a direct connection to Ethans early days of roping. 

Cisco is so special and roped in jackpots as early as last December, which blows my mind. We are so grateful for Danny's Star Bert and his continued service to our family. He is  currently enjoying his days roping the sled occasionally and being a retired lazy guy.


Son Of A Hickory 

Hick is 10 years old and has been with us since January of 2020. He was originally a heel horse that we have brought over to the head size this last year. He has SO MUCH TALENT. He is crazy fast, has an amazing mind for training, and will do anything you ask. He is alo obsessed with his job, Hick is the kind of horse who kicks down a fence if he doesn't get loaded in the trailer. He is my husbands soul mate and the true horse version of him and its so creepy. They're so in sync its sometimes scary.


Hick loves his bangs brushed, and I like to call him Mr. Hollywood because he's such a performer. He loves people and is always ready to put on a show for anyone who will watch, flipping his hair and prancing around like he's in a parade. 



Ping-Pong is 4 years old and  is our newest baby (and yes that's his registered name). He looks like a roan to many but he is actually a registered Appy! Although on paper he is an Appy, he less than a quarter appy. Ping also has many great foundational quarter horse bloodlines on his papers. 

He is super curious (like any lil babe) and loves anyone who brings him food. He worked on a ranch for the first years of his life and it shows, he has an amazing work ethic. Ping-Pong has a bright future and is currently being started on the heel side!